Company History

Our company roots can be traced back more than 200 years.

1798 Langlands & Son established
1800s William Corbett joined Langlands & Son as a pupil, before starting his own separate practice. Fuller, Moon and Fuller formed, with offices in Croydon and Reigate.
early 1900s William Corbett was joined by William Henry Edwards practicing as Corbett & Edwards, and were then joined by Bernard Edward Sharp and practiced as Edwards & Sharp. Formation of Stuart Edwards & Partners. The similarity of the 'Edwards' name in both companies is purely coincidental.
1960s Norman & Co formed in Bookham, shortly after becoming Norman & Huggins. Meanwhile Edwards & Sharp acquire the practice of Langlands & Son
1970s Terry Maggs commenced in practice as Maggs & Partners
1980s Edwards & Sharp and Maggs & Partners amalgamated to form Maggs Edwards & Sharp (incorporating Langlands & Son)
1990s Stuart Edwards & Partners and Fuller, Moon and Fuller merge to form Stuart Edwards Fullermoon.
2000s Maggs Edwards & Sharp and Norman & Huggins merge to form Huggins Edwards & Sharp and also acquiring the practice of Malcolm Barry Associates of Walton-on-Thames.
2020 The Commercial Agency departments of Huggins Edwards & Sharp and Stuart Edwards Fullermoon combine to form our new company Huggins Stuart Edwards.